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Why should you be a BAB SE member?

The aim of our BAB Sportclimbing Association is regular sports, spreading knowledge about sports and nature, holding competitions, educating young people, and developing skills. Our activities include sports camps and outdoor, participation in sports events, organization of cups/championships.

  • Discount for all passes: With association membership, we provide a 5% discount on all ticket purchases. 

  • Tour discount: You can take part in various climbing tours and enjoy a 10% discount with your membership, so you can also try your hand at nature's wonderful rocks.

  • Discounted MHSSZ membership: The MHSSZ card that comes with your association membership allows you to officially climb the rocks of Hungary.

  • Competition discount: If you want to compete, we provide a 5% discount on participation fees with your association membership to support you in the challenges.

  • Preliminary info: Membership in the association guarantees that you will be the first to know about the latest news, workshops, courses and other special discounts.

  • BAB T-shirt: You'll also get a cool BAB t-shirt so you can proudly wear the BAB sense of belonging and community.

  • Sailing in Balcin? 
    Yes, even that. A special privilege for those who join us! With the association membership, you can enjoy the experience of sailing on Lake Balaton five times a year.

  • Discover new places! 
    Last but not least, our association offers you the opportunity to discover new places and take part in adventures that will enrich you with lifelong memories.


Membership fee: HUF 10,000/year

1. Fill out the form on the Join button!

2. Print and sign the declaration required for final registration!

3. Bring it to us in person and drop it off at the reception!

4. Follow the instructions received in the e-mail!


In case of question that is feel free to search by email!

BAB SE data

The name of the association: BAB Sportmászó Egyesület
Abbreviated name of the association: BAB SE
The registered office of the association is: 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14.
Form of the association: sports association


Bank account number: MBH 10300002-13720670-00024903

IBAN: HU12 10300002-13720670-00024903

Registration number: 01-02-0018067

Date of entry: 22.12.2007. Case number: Pk.60951/2007.

KSH Statistical number: 18130236-8551-529-01

The leading officials of the association:

President of the association: Zsolt Bankó

Vice-president of the association: Panka Farkas

Professional president of the association: Vencel Somogyi


To participate in competitions, you need club membership and a sports medical certificate. Also, registration is required in the MHSSZ VR system, where you can sign up for races. It's important to select BAB SE in your profile. Feel free to contact us regarding competitions; we'll be happy to assist you with anything you need.

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