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  • Do I need to make an appointment in advance if I want to climb in the BAB?
    Our climbing hall can be visited during opening hours without an appointment. Appointments are only necessary for special sessions and training sessions.
  • What equipment should I bring with me for bouldering?
    You can rent climbing shoes from us, which provide excellent grip! If you don't want to rent, a pair of trainers with clean soles will do for the first time. Comfortable sportswear that allows freedom of movement. You don't need a lot of stuff, do you?
  • How can I pay?
    On our website, in the prices tab when buying tickets, online or at the reception in the hall: with a bank card, a nice card. Cash payment is not possible!
  • What is a boulder, catch?
    The basis of bouldering is to use different grips and postures while climbing. In the beginning, start with easy tracks (with us, a path marked with a white note), which have suitable grips. Watch videos or ask more experienced boulderers to help you learn the proper techniques. Bouldering can be difficult at times, and you won't always solve every pitch right away. Be persistent and don't be afraid to face challenges. Practice and persistence will help you improve! Fortunately, everyone in our team climbs, so even the reception colleagues are happy to help you!
  • What is the first step?
    Before you start bouldering, always do a thorough warm-up. Stretch your upper body and lower body and prepare your muscles for the load. Warming up helps prevent injury and improve performance.
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