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We feel it is our duty to introduce the joys of climbing to the youngest age group as possible. Since this sport develops movement coordination, adaptability, and physical and mental endurance, it is a suitable choice for all children.

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3-6 years old

We would like to give children the experience of movement, and we think it is important that children, at this receptive age, get to know as many forms of movement as possible.

Our goal is the versatile training of children, in addition to climbing, the development of other natural forms of movement (walking, running, jumping, throwing, crawling, etc.) in accordance with age characteristics.

Ages 10-14

In this age group, we already place more emphasis on learning more complex climbing techniques, and we continue to pay attention to the development of age-specific conditioning and coordination abilities. The children learn the meaning of the warm-up, main part, and lead-down, and in addition to the exercises performed with their own body weight, they learn the correct technique of the basic exercises performed with light equipment, thereby preparing the exercises used in later fitness training.

From 6 to 10 years old

During the training sessions, in addition to the playful tasks, the children get to know the basic techniques of climbing and the course of the training sessions (warm-up, main part, lead-down).

Our goal remains the versatile training of children in accordance with the characteristics of their age.

15-18 years old

Our coaches continue to improve the technical knowledge of young athletes, but compared to before, more emphasis is placed on fitness training.
We consider it important to educate young athletes on a healthy lifestyle, as well as the correct implementation of various exercises that promote regeneration, which they can do independently at home.

Room use by minors

Children up to the age of 3 do not need to exchange tickets.

Under the age of 14, you can only stay in the room under the supervision of an adult or accompanied by a trainer.

Filling out a parental consent form under the age of 18  required!



During our training sessions, you can learn the proper application of the correct climbing techniques, while your physical and mental fitness also improves. Our coaches use their best knowledge to help you develop, whether you are a beginner or have been climbing for a long time.

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In these training sessions, you can learn the basics of climbing, getting to know the official course of a training session. Warming up, climbing, improving fitness, lowering/stretching. Our coaches will guide you from the very basics on the path of development.


Our highly knowledgeable coaches comprehensively help you move in the right direction, including physical development and learning climbing techniques and correct


Contact details of coaches


Panka Farkas

Vencel Somogyi

Dalma Balogh

László Farkas

Bálint Kámvás

Áron Kneifel

Gergő Oláh

Attila Czurkó

Denes Milan

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6-8 years, 10-14 years, 14+ age group

8-10 years, 10-14 years, 14+ age group

3-4 years, 5-6 years

14-16 years, 16+ age group

12-14 years, age group 14+

Ages 14+

Ages 14+

8-14 years

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