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Here at BAB Boulder, we believe that climbing is not just an activity, but a shared experience that brings us together.

At the BAB climbing hall, we not only break walls, but also boundaries! 

We have the best coaches who not only show you the way to the top, but also help you find the strength and endurance to reach the desired heights! 

We are convinced that the goal is not only to reach as high as possible, but also to get as close as possible to each other through climbing, in this shared space where we can leave behind our external problems and the noise of the outside world. 


During the climb, we can not only experience the power of a supportive community, but also learn to trust our own abilities and have the right space to go beyond our personal limits.

We are excited that you can be a part of our great journey,

in which we have a common goal.


1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14.

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