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Do you feel dedication and perseverance in yourself?

Here's your chance to be part of an excellent sports Academy!

The primary mission of the Academy is the education and development of Hungarian sport climbing. Our goal is to train talented climbers who achieve outstanding results not only in sport, but also in adulthood at the international level.

The mission of our academy

In cooperation with the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association and within it the head coaches of competitive climbing, we are working on creating a plan that encompasses the entirety of talent management.


Sport climbing

The task of our professional staff is to ensure that trained athletes work purposefully and according to plan during training sessions. Its program includes comprehensive training and development of athletes. Emphasis is placed on the development of technical skills, physical fitness and tactical strategies.



Our main goal is to support and develop the supply of Hungarian sport climbing. The Academy's mission is to educate climbers who can use their abilities to the maximum and, as adults, have a successful sports career at the international level.



Boulder Academy Budapest is not just a sport climbing Academy, but a program where we teach real life skills and values through sports. We help our athletes achieve their goals both in sports and in other areas of life.


Admission to the academic training is only announced for the following age groups:

From age 3 to age 14

Interested people over the age of 14 are warmly welcomed at the youth training sessions.

Children are admitted to the training based on a preliminary assessment.

You can inquire and register for the survey at the following address:

Wenceslas Somogyi:

You can find more important information in the BAB Academy training description!

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